LGBTQ+ Equity and Inclusion 
Guiding companies through their next culture shift, one pronoun at a time.

Consulting that brings research-based, experiential context to your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals.

 We even do workshops and develop content for employee training.

  • How to talk about gender identity and orientation in the workplace 

  • Supporting an employee's or client's transition (workplace education, communication plans, navigating change)

  • Inclusion approaches for small business owners and start-ups

  • Starting with the 'basics' - LGBTQ+ 101 (here is a link to more info)

  • Inclusive language for customer loyalty programs and satisfaction surveys.

  • Techniques for “having the talk” with leadership about inclusion

  • Developing short and long-term action plans, managing change when humans are involved, effective implementation strategies

       (3-way tie)

Doing Business in an “All Genders” and “Agender” World (Yes, You Can)

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