Jen O'Ryan, PhD
Double Tall Consulting

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity live in every aspect of the employee, customer, and client experience.


Designing an inclusive organization involves
understanding how your choices - 


the words you use

the images that represent you

 the values in your daily interactions

- are experienced by others.

Improve Your Message

Need an inclusion evaluation, review, and edit of your content?

lear out the bias, stereotypes, and those outdated terms lurking in your articles, manuscripts, and employee guides.

Check out the content review options to reflect your message as welcoming to a broader audience.


Learn and Unlearn
Building an organization that's
welcoming to all involves a lot of learning
(and unlearning)

Check out a 6-week series or workshop covering: 

Leading I&D as an "Accidental" Expert

Beyond Policy - Inclusion as a Daily Practice

Developing an Inclusive Organization: LGBTQ+ 101

Data and Meaningful Insights

Trying to understand the employee or customer experience in your organization?

Not seeing the results you expected?

Too much data and not enough clarity?

Get deeper insights on what's actually happening through real data and human behavior lens.