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Dr. Jen O'Ryan provides personalized training and support based on each individual's need.

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Business and Corporate Services
Customized services for organizations of all sizes. Whether your company is looking to develop a more inclusive strategy for employees, or preparing to more effectively engage with diversity in the consumer base, Double Tall Consulting can design a package that supports your goals.

  • Executive leadership - expanding their cultural awareness

  • Human Resources and recruiting teams - improving outreach and communication

  • Front line and customer care teams -  supporting diverse consumers

Is your company ready for an all genders world? Read more here

Providers and Licensed Professionals:
Each interactive  workshop includes a review of current research on the experience of growing up as a gender or sexual minority.  The focus is to educate providers on the unique experiences and challenges of this community; building a framework for more inclusive practices and client engagement. All three can be customized to better suit the needs of your organization.

LGBTQ 101 (60 minutes) - Covers the basics around sexual orientation and gender. These topics are extremely complex, so we start with terms and concepts then build out the discussion from there. A general overview of existing research and essentially sets the ‘why’ behind cultivating inclusion.

LGBTQ 201 (60 minutes) - Moves into a deeper examination of the intersections between gender, sexual orientation, and other factors that influence each individual’s experience. This session is more specifically designed to examine supporting clients at various stages of life, such as working with adolescent or elderly clients.

LGBTQ Clients - Cultivating an inclusive practice (4 hours) This workshop is designed for professionals looking to develop more inclusive language and approaches when working with clients. There are four sections, each containing 60 minutes of content

All three courses have been approved for licensed master’s level mental health professionals in Washington State.


LGBTQ 101 and 201 been approved for 1 CEU each for Washington State licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers.

Cultivating an inclusive practice has been approved for 4 CEUs for Washington State licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers.

Community organizations

Primarily designed to support adults in the community who are involved with youth (coaches, teachers, camp counselors, therapists, healthcare providers, etc.). We’ll discuss in more general terms some of the experiences that are unique to LGBTQ youth and share approaches on how best to support them.


I’ll help you….

  • Learn about inclusive language and developing healthy spaces for LGBTQ youth

  • Talk about strategies and approaches for different situations (coming out, bullying, pronouns, bathroom access)

  • Understand the important influence of environment and early influences on healthy development for LGBTQ youth and their straight peers


Parents and family members - 1:1 support

This option is designed to provide a private and safe space for you to explore questions, concerns, or anything else related to your child’s coming out process. This model provides a place to express your own personal experience during this transition, and have very candid conversations about understanding this aspect of your child’s identity. We’ll meet for an hour and cover whichever areas you’d like during this time. This is all about getting you where you need to be, as person and a parent.

I’ll help you…

  • Develop a greater awareness of the experiences unique to our LGBTQ kiddos

  • Unpack any unconscious baggage that is preventing a deeper connection with your child

  •  Talk through potential scenarios with less than supportive family members, and create strategies that will best support your child


Parents, family members, other adults - Group sessions (6-8 people)

Welcome to the power of the small group! We’ll meet for 90 minutes and discuss family dynamics related to a child’s coming out, talking to kids about sexual orientation or gender, and have in-depth conversations about the complexities of growing up as LGBTQ.


I’ll help you…

  • Talk about supporting LGBTQ kiddos who might not be yours

  • Learn safe, healthy ways to advocate and intervene on behalf of a child in an unsupportive environment

  • Prepare for questions and age-appropriate responses for questions about same-sex attractions, gender expression, or news in the media (“bathroom bills”, marriage equality, etc.)

Speaking events and Podcasts

I’m available as a podcast guest, panelist, or speaker for events related to gender, gender identity, nd sexual orientation.

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Policy discussions (“bathroom" bills, gender equality, access to care)

  • LGBTQ representation in STEM, gender in tech careers, mentoring

  • Parenting and Youth advocacy groups

  • Educational systems and PTA meetings


Community organizations
Parents and Famiies: One-on-One Support
Small group discussions
Speaking events and Podcasts
Business and Corporate Services
Providers and Licensed Professionals
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