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Recent Podcast Conversations


Adam Morris - People Helping People
Inspiring greater social change in the world.

Adam and I dig into the different paths to service, advocacy, and the influence one person can have in changing another's trajectory.

Inclusion, Diversity, Ethics, and Equity are at the core of healthy organizations. Here are some ways to get there.

Learn more about People Helping People and Adam's work - click here

Gabby Austen Browne - Diversity Ally


In this episode, Gabby and I discuss photobombing cats as well as...

  • Why diversity and inclusion is not politics, it's human rights 

  • Why leaders and employees should be internalizing the "why" to create truly inclusive cultures and healthy workplaces

  • How to influence culture change with little to no budget or resources

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Conversations with Erin Keams

Erin and I talk about designing inclusion, helping people navigate change, and the pros / cons of wearing capes.

*Please note - due to technical difficulties, there is a block of silence at the beginning. Fast forward to around 3 minutes, 30 seconds for the full episode.


Listen to more of Erin's conversations, click here


Follow the Diversified Game Experience:

Diversified Game - Kellen Cashman

Excited to share this conversation with my new friend, Kellen! We talk about healthy chaos of humaning and how people can (and must) lead change by listening to their spark.

And, yes, this really was recorded in the way too early, still dark out morning hours. You can barely hear my kitten slippers in the background.

Sam Collings - Aspire for Equality
"It's a M.A.D. (Making a Difference) World" Panel Discussion

Raw, unscripted, and informal discussion on empowerment of women for personal, organizational and social change, why there is still a critical need to close the gender gap, the role of COVID in women's equality regression and how women can lead, collaborate and celebrate each other more across intersectional differences.


Learn more about Sam Collins and the amazing work she is doing in the world - click here or here

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