Do your potential customers, clients, and employees see themselves reflected in your company and brand?

There is no question that today’s consumers make decisions about who they’ll do business with - and who they’ll work for - based on an organization’s demonstrated values.


People are looking for more than taglines or marketing campaigns that say the “right thing”. Inclusiveness is an element of culture that follows the entire lifecycle of a customer, client, or employee relationship.

In Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts, Dr. Jen O’Ryan offers a three-part roadmap for anyone thinking about inclusion and diversity in the workplace. You’ll learn how to design inclusive programs that benefit everyone, launch well-defined projects to implement them, and lead people through the changes.


Implementing cultural change takes work, but the end result is worth the effort: improved profitability and innovation, employee retention, productivity, and well-being of all. It’s time to get Inclusive AF!