Featured Workshop - LGBTQ+ 101

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are complicated - talking about either doesn't have to be.

We’ve all read the studies around diverse teams and effective outcomes (MIT, 2017) (HBR, 2016). The positive impact of gender diversity on innovation and collective group intelligence depend on creating a healthy, trusted space for every individual. 

This highly interactive workshop starts with the basics around gender identity and orientation. These topics are extremely complex, so we start with terms and concepts then build out the discussion from there.

The landscape is changing, in business and the world. Multiple states now allow gender neutral indicators on driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Personal pronouns, gender non-specific honorifics, and non-binary designations on documents are increasingly more common.

LGBTQ 101 - Covers the basics around gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation These topics are extremely complex, so we start with terms and concepts then build out the discussion from there. A general overview of existing research frames the ‘why’ behind the "how' of cultivating inclusion.

Intended audience:
Professionals interested in learning about the nuance of gender identity and orientation; specifically, how to talk about it within an organization. People managers, Human Resource professionals, recruiters, and policy influencers strongly encouraged.


This content applies beyond exchanges in the workplace. Once people understand the barriers – however unintentional – created by gender biased language, it’s difficult to “unsee” the impact. Attendees can carry this new perspective into all aspects of their life (community, family, etc.).

Following the session, attendees will have / be able to…

  1. Understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of inclusion

  2. Practical tips on incorporating inclusive language in program materials, collateral

  3. Steps to introduce manageable, incremental changes

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Doing Business in an “All Genders” and “Agender” World (Yes, You Can)

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