Whether you are one person trying to change the world, or have an enthusiastic team supporting the effort, we've got you covered.

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Project-Based Consulting

Design and manage initiatives

  •  Lead (or hands-on) from concept to post-launch evaluation

  •  Introduce change safely and effectively

  •  Strategy and Prioritization – develop short and long-term plans 

Communication, Content Development, and Messaging

  • Create announcements for new initiatives, updates to inform leadership and stakeholders, managing across multiple channels

  • Design consistent and effective messaging 

  • Review content for bias, stereotypes, and outdated language

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Guidance on People Dynamics

Working with humans - it's going to get messy

  • Understanding bias and navigating people through change

  • Overcome inertia and change resisters

  • Identifying barriers that prevent a culture of inclusiveness

Practical action plans specific to your organization

  • When an employee or client transitions

  • Influencing change across diverse workplace types, regions, belief systems, generational cohorts

  • Assessing organizational health and goal setting

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Learning and Development

Struggling with what to say? You're not alone.

Featured Courses 

  • Strategies for leading as an 'Accidental' Expert

  • Moving Beyond Policy – Inclusion as a Daily Practice

  • Designing Inclusion for Clients, Customers, and the Community

  • Developing an Inclusive Practice - Healthcare providers, Therapists, Mental Health Providers

Data Geekery and Research

Understand your organization through data

  • Data collection and analysis (surveys, interviews, etc.)

  • Review of findings and meaning through visual representations

  • Recommendations and strategic planning

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