Whether you are one person trying to change the world, or have an enthusiastic team supporting the effort, there is something for you here.

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Content Review

Ensure that your content stays relevant and conveys an accurate message.


Business materials:

Perfect for items such as employee handbooks, press releases, customer service scripts, web content, and similar. Manuscripts and previously published books are also ideal candidates for this service.

Edit, review, and proofread to catch bias, stereotypes, and boost inclusion.

Content is reviewed for -

  • Bias, stereotypes in language or images

  • Outdated or inaccurate usage of terms (especially related to or involving LGBTQ+ topics)

  • Words or phrases with negative connotation

  • Data points, sample populations, or examples that lack diverse representation

  • Consistent and effective messaging 


Basic review:  $100 per 3,500 words
Premier review: $250 per 5,000 words

Both basic and premier review types include feedback provided on images, symbols, and similar where used. Comments may include alternatives or suggested edits that are more inclusive.

Online training courses or digital content:
Review of language, messaging, and images. Provide guidance (as above) of online learning materials, training courses, user guides, and similar. Includes screen captures and alternatives for problematic content.

Basic review: $500 per hour of content to review

Premier review: Packages starting at $1,500, depending on complexity and related variables. Contact or schedule a discovery call for more details.

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Learn and Unlearn

Working with humans - it's going to get messy.


These 6-week facilitated series are designed to inform, guide, and equip attendees with the right resources to move forward.


Sessions are customizable to your specific goals and industry

  • Leading Inclusion and Diversity as an "Accidental" Expert

  • Beyond Policy - Inclusion as a Daily Practice

  • Designing Inclusion for Clients, Customers, and the Community

  • Developing an Inclusive Practice - Healthcare providers, Therapists, Mental Health Workers

Looking for variety in smaller segments?


Workshops and Learning / Unlearning sessions are available in 60, 90, and 180 minute formats. These work in a series or as a stand-alone opportunity to explore.


Topics include:

  • Workplace dynamics - leading through emotionally charged change

  • Overcome inertia and where to focus your energy

  • Common themes that cause I&D initiative's to sputter out or fail

  • Practical steps for those working with limited budget, resources, or influence

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Data Geekery and Research

Understand your organization through data

  • Data collection and analysis (surveys, interviews, etc.)

  • Review of findings and meaning through visual representations

  • Recommendations and strategic planning

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