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Each of these can be customized to address the specific needs of your organization.

 Does your employee handbook still use "his or her" examples? We've got you covered.

  • Content review   

    • Employee handbooks and training materials

    • Policy documents and agreements

    • Scripts for customer service reps or support centers

 Learning programs designed to expand your understanding. Change your perception. Break old habits.

  • Workshops with practical application

    • Executives, managers, and people leaders

    • Human Resource professionals and recruiting teams

    • Customer service, support centers, and guest relations staff

  • Guidance on People to People exchanges

    • Introducing change safely and effectively

    • Understanding bias and navigating people through change

    • Overcome inertia and change resisters

    • Coming out or transitioning in the workplace

  • Design and manage initiatives

    • Projects or programs – lead (or hands-on) from concept to post-launch evaluation

    • Communication – design plans to announce new initiatives, inform leadership and stakeholders, and consistent messaging across multiple channels

    • Strategy and Prioritization – develop holistic, long-term plans based on the unique needs of your organization

  • Understand your organization through data

    • Data collection and analysis (surveys, interviews, etc.)

    • Review of findings and meaning through visual representations

    • Recommendations and strategic planning


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