Running and the Power of Shared Experiences (#WhyWeRun)

I was out on a run with a close male friend this weekend. We started off with the usual chitchat about work and recent events. Eventually, the conversation turned to age, and time’s influence on our bodies. Running hard over the weekend takes longer to recover. “Twinges” need to be taken more seriously. “Masters” age divisions and scrolling endlessly to find your birth year on registration forms. Still we run and embrace the body available to us today. A little-known benefit of having close running buddies is that you can talk about anything with them. Literally anything. I know more about bathroom cycles and bodily processes than their life partners do. When it becomes acceptable, even enco

On National ‘Coming Out’ Day

October 11th is National “Coming Out” Day, a time to celebrate and reflect on the importance of visibility. Being out means walking through the world as one’s authentic self, to embrace the very human need to be seen as we truly are, rather than compartmentalize and hide. If you are a human who interacts with other humans, here are a few things to consider this week. For Queer Youth... Coming out can be intimidating. It can also be fantastically liberating and a chance to final walk through the world as you. So many elements and unknowns factor into the decision to come out. Will this change your relationship with family? Are there teachers or coaches who might not be supportive? It’s a lot

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