Dear Queer Youth: Happy Pride Month (An Open Letter from Your Future Self)

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend Pride festivities in Los Angeles, London, and Madrid. In each of these cities the number of young people traveling to their first Pride event was overwhelming. Waiting in line at a shop, I overheard nervous and excited conversations between two friends. They were making some last-minute purchases and talking about the experience so far. One was giggling while asking if he should get some mints and another packet of condoms “just in case”. It was sweet and inspiring to watch the next generation coming up. During the last week of Pride month, I wanted to pass along some advice to this bold new generation of queer kiddos. You are growing up duri

In a Word . . . Pride

I was chatting with a barista the other day while she worked on my double tall Americano. Our conversation eventually turned to the new month. June, it turns out, was her mother’s middle name. It also happened to be the month this barista would graduate university. June is also, of course, LGBTQ Pride Month. We talked a bit about her graduation festivities and the number of Pride flags popping up across our city. Then, her question came. “What is your favorite part of Pride?” My initial response is always around the parades and after parties. I’m a product of the 70’s . . . stop judging. But, of course, it’s more than that. Pride is a celebration of community and being visible—standing in th

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