Guys, It’s Time to Talk About Gender Activism

When I first heard about Men’s Rights Activism, my first thought was, “Seriously, when are dudes in this country finally going to get a break?” Clearly this reaction was tongue-in-cheek; men (especially white, straight, cisgender men) have benefited greatly from a society built by them, for them. But what happens when the criteria for social power and dominance changes? The traits, behaviors, and characteristics used to organize social hierarchies are evolving. This is important, because privilege is based on one’s proximity to the dominant culture. The closer someone’s appearance aligns, the larger and more expansive their privilege or entitlements. Men have power because they are men; wome

When Your Kid Comes Out As Transgender

During the days leading up to your child’s arrival, you may have spent time thinking about what they would be like. It’s common to daydream about which family member they would resemble, or the mannerisms picked up - sometimes down to the details of their future pursuits and aspirations. I had a mental image of my kiddo in those last months. He would be left handed like me, taller, and share my affinity for scary movies. Instead of the dark-haired, curly-headed child I’d pictured, an adorable blond baby with bright blue eyes arrived—looking more like my sister than anyone else. He does have my weird toe though. Yay, genetics! Parents can develop elaborate constructs around their child’s futu

Social Justice, Michelle Wolf, and Brandon Victor Dixon

Watching the comments and tweets surrounding the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner reminded me of Hamilton-Gate. For those not entirely familiar, this “gate” involved a performance of the Broadway musical Hamilton that was attended by Mike Pence. Brandon Victor Dixon, a cast member of the show, directly addressed the (then) VPE. The actor took an amazing personal risk and leveraged an opportunity to voice the collective concerns of fellow humans. Why would a successful, financially secure person take a very public risk by calling on Pence and asking him to govern for all Americans? Because, as an openly gay, HIV+ person of color, he likely recognized the very real risk presented by t

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