Dolls or Action Figures?

“No, honey, that’s not for you. Those are for boys.” I recently overheard this in a shopping center, as a mom was guiding her young daughter away from the toy fire engines. Although parents may not realize it at the time, comments like this can close off future opportunities for their kids. “That’s not for you” in this context might simply mean Mom doesn’t want loud toys being smashed into furniture. The unintended consequence is that her daughter no longer sees herself in the same way. Whatever spark drew her to these toys has been diminished rather than ignited. For boys, ‘that’s not for you’ can show up through emotions, or expressing vulnerability. Nurturing tendencies, such as taking up

You Say "The Boys Aren't Alright" - An open letter to Michael Ian Black

In response to a recent op-ed entitled“The Boys Are Not All Right.” I care about your son. I care about all our sons. And our daughters. And our non-binary, gender variant, gender queer, and gender fluid kiddos. Changing how they interpret themselves in the world starts with us. We need to see them as humans, rather than an arbitrary gender. You may have already started rolling your eyes, but stick with me here … Our culture understands gender as a binary—male or female. When a child is born, they are assigned a gender and sent down a pink or blue path. Acceptable behaviors, emotional expressions, even the degree of personal agency—all determined by which lane a child occupies. This assigned

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