Yes, Men Really Do Need Safe Spaces

Cross-posted from "The Good Men Project" website Over the last few weeks an internet meme mocking ‘safe spaces’ has been making the rounds on social media. There are a few variations, but the general theme attempts to draw comparisons between 18 year old males (because, of course, males) in World War II storming the beach at Normandy while this generation of 18 year old males need ‘safe spaces’, because a coddling society has made them weak. The social changes experienced over the last few decades, including the breakdown of traditional gender roles, has caused a knee-jerk reaction from those who wax nostalgic for a time that never really existed for most of us. This is damaging in a couple

Managing yourself through change

I was recently chatting with a professional life coach about her industry. Curious, she gave me an overview of engaging with clients. By day three I was completely overwhelmed. Rather than feeling more in control of my life and developing any sense of balance, I was actually feeling more anxious about things. I found myself questioning if I was focused on the right priorities, and even previously organized areas began to slip. Turns out, that’s kind of the point with this type of coaching. Change is difficult, no surprises there, but what specifically makes it so daunting and complex? Many of the reasons people repeatedly make the same bad choices, even when faced with immediate and devastat

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