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About me...think Mary Poppins meets Dan Savage, with curly hair

I first started working with LGBTQ+ youth back in 2002, as part of a community advisory board for a local non-profit. After a few years of involvement with the program, I realized that there was a huge gap in resources available for these children and their parents. Flash forward 10 years, I decided to pursue a PhD in Human Behavior and research environmental factors that contributed to healthy development for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Now, after 15-ish years developing programs in the tech industry, I work with organizations on their inclusion strategies; coaching employees, managers, executives to improve their LGBTQ+ cultural competency.


Parents, families, and other caring adults are still a big part of my focus. I help people navigate their child’s relationship with gender, gender identity, and attractions.

I’m also available as a podcast guest, panelist, or speaker for events related to gender identity, and sexual orientation.

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Policy discussions (“bathroom" bills, gender equity, access to care)

  • LGBTQ representation in STEM, gender in tech careers, mentoring

  • Parenting and Youth advocacy groups

  • Educational systems and PTA meetings